(WXYZ) – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been released from prison and was visiting a family in Georgia.

Pictures and videos on social media show him hugging and posing with his father Bernard Kilpatrick after then-President Donald Trump changed his sentence from 28 to seven years.

Kilpatrick was convicted of a serious corruption case and sentenced to pay millions in restitution. However, the amount of money set by the president may be wrong.

Kilpatrick JC of WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd

The 2017 ruling, amended above, included the release terms and the refund signed by Judge Nancy Edmunds.

It is marked as modified to reflect the correct refund amount. It was signed four years after his sentence.

However, the White House acted independently without consulting the Justice Department. In Trump’s commutation order it was made clear that Kilpatrick still has to pay $ 4.7 million in restitution.

Judge Edmunds’ order totals $ 1.7 million, including the refund he owes the IRS.

“If you stole people’s money and took it away from the people who deserve it, we expect the money back,” said US attorney Matthew Schneider. “And that’s exactly what happened in this case.”

Kilpatrick is released under custody for three years. He must set up a payment plan that must be approved by the judge.

The standard conditions include:

  • No trip without permission from his probation officer
  • Submit monthly reports on employment and place of residence
  • No excessive alcohol or drugs
  • No weapons
  • No connection with convicted offenders

Additionally, Kilpatrick cannot become a specialty agent working with law enforcement agencies without permission.

“He never took responsibility,” said Schneider. “He never really apologized for what he did. I would like an apology. That would be helpful.”

There are other civil suits against the former mayor that have hooked him for another $ 7 million.