Key Legislation Supporting Workers in Georgia

Jon Burns represents District 159 in the Georgia General Assembly, where he serves as House Majority Leader.

As Governor Kemp continues to review the legislation passed by the General Assembly at this session, several important bills that will help all of us in District 159 that I wanted to tell you more about have been signed.

income tax reform

One of our greatest achievements at this session was the negotiation and enactment of the largest income tax cut in Georgia’s history.

House Bill 1437 recognizes that by pursuing good conservative tax policies, the state government will return over a billion dollars to our taxpayers by returning those state government savings and spending cuts to you, the taxpayer.

Strengthening the workforce in Georgia

A prosperous Georgian economy must benefit all Georgians.

That’s why I was proud to see the governor sign into law several bills that ensure Georgia workers can take advantage of new economic opportunities.

House Bill 1331 streamlines employment services to avoid duplication of work and help unemployed Georgians find a job or start a new career. Sometimes economic progress has an impact on existing industries; Laws like these ensure that workers in affected industries can develop skills that they can use with Georgia’s new employers.

Senate Bill 379 will allow the Technical College System of Georgia to create and expand a staff training program. The technical colleges of Georgia are doing a great job in providing training that enables Georgians to contribute from day one. But whatever the job offer, on-the-job training will always be important – so I was happy to support this legislation to create a partnership between Georgian employers who can provide this training and our universities of applied sciences.

House Bill 1435 will provide need-based financial aid to college students who see a gap in the available aid and cost of completing their studies. Higher education has been a lifeline for many Georgians seeking new opportunities. This legislation ensures that Georgians who are about to complete their academic achievements do not suffer setbacks that make that achievement unattainable.

Senate Bill 397 creates opportunities for Georgians who may not have completed high school.

As a husband of a vocational educator, I know that the best path to success for young Georgians is to graduate from high school. But I also know that some Georgians drop out of high school before graduation for many reasons.

These Georgians should not be punished for life for this decision, which is why I supported SB 397, which defines the process for Georgians to obtain a state-recognized high school diploma that can lead them on the path to success through the Technical College system of Georgia.


I believe Georgia is the best state to live, work and raise a family. This legislation will allow Georgia’s economy to thrive and keep Georgia competitive for jobs and opportunities in our region and country.

As the governor continues to review the legislation, I will provide additional updates on his decisions; Remember you can always reach me at (404-656-5052), email or Facebook. If you would like to receive email updates, please visit my website to sign up for my newsletter or email me.