Kemp Indicators Order To Droop COVID-19 Mandates For Corporations In Georgia

GGeorgia Governor Brian Kemp signed an executive order Thursday preventing local governments from imposing COVID-19 restrictions on businesses.

Private sector businesses and sports teams can follow local COVID-19 requirements if they so choose, but Kemp’s order prevents them from doing so.

Kemp said the order is aimed at protecting businesses and the state’s economic recovery.

“Local governments will not be able to force businesses to be the city’s masked police, vaccine police, or any other onerous restriction that will only result in workers being laid off, revenues plummeting and businesses closing their doors,” Kemp said during a message Thursday briefing at the State Capitol.

Kemp, a long-time business owner, has campaigned against company closures and mask obligations in recent months. Savannah and Atlanta recently reintroduced mask requirements in response to a surge in COVID-19 cases. Kemp said the regulations hurt small businesses and he trusts business owners to implement preventive measures that work best for them. He gives companies this flexibility in his current assignment.

The order also prevents local governments from issuing “more or less restrictive” orders than its current COVID-19 orders. Law enforcement agencies or local governments should not shut down businesses if preventive measures are not followed.

“The fact is, small businesses across our state shouldn’t be penalized by local governments just for trying to make a living, pay their employees, and save their livelihoods,” Kemp said.

The data shows that 7,051 new COVID-19 cases, 46 related deaths, and 203 related hospital admissions were reported by the Georgia Department of Public Health as of Thursday. Georgia’s hospitals have 86.4% occupancy rates.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called Kemp “the gift that keeps giving” in a tweet on Thursday. Kemp and Bottoms have faced each other in the past because of the Atlanta mask mandate.

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Kemp filed a lawsuit against Bottoms and the Atlanta City Council last summer over the city’s mask-wearing mandate and failure to enforce its orders, and later dropped them.

Kemp said in his appointment on Thursday, “The governor has ultimate authority over the state’s contingency management procedures because while other agencies and political subdivisions of the state may be directed or empowered to develop and implement contingency management plans, rules and regulations,” writes the law of Georgia. clearly states that no such rules and regulations or orders may conflict with the governor’s own business continuity management guidelines. “

A spokesman for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) said the organization is reviewing Kemp’s order and cannot comment on its contents.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

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