Jurors convict former Georgia insurance coverage chief of $ 2 million in fraud

ATLANTA (AP) – A jury has convicted Georgia’s suspended insurance commissioner on all 37 charges against him at his trial.

The jury on Thursday found Jim Beck guilty of wire fraud, postal fraud, money laundering and tax fraud.

If convicted in October, he faces a sizeable prison sentence.

Beck was charged months after taking office in 2019. Prosecutors brought evidence that Beck carried out a plan to embezzle more than $ 2 million from the Georgia Underwriting Association.

Before his election, Beck headed the state-recognized private insurer of last resort for years.

According to state law, he is automatically removed from office after conviction.

A judge ordered Beck to be locked in his home until sentenced.

The commissioner for insurance and security fire published the following statement on the conviction:

Although today is a grim day for our state, I commend the US Attorneys and our law enforcement agencies for their work in closing this case and bringing justice to the Georgia Underwriting Association’s gross misuse of dollars.

When Governor Kemp called me to this role, I was charged with restoring integrity and ethics to that office and that has been my priority from day one. I look forward to continuing to lead this agency into the future, leaving the corruption of the past behind and putting Georgia’s consumers first.

Insurance and Security Fire Commissioner John King