Joint family law conference and network exchange Barcelona-Georgia (USA) from October 16 to 18, 2023 at the ICAB

The following topics will be discussed in the working sessions:

  • Overview of International Custody Law | Hague Convention or UCCJEA? The conflict of jurisdictions in international custody disputes
  • A comparative look at child custody laws in Georgia and Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • Procedural and practical differences in custody cases
  • Get to the bottom of the custody decision and the voice of the child
  • The Roles of a Guardian ad Litem vs. Ministerio Fiscal in Custody Disputes
  • The Role of Forensic Psychology in Custody Disputes, Georgia vs. Barcelona
  • Summary/Findings for Protecting Clients in International Custody Disputes
  • Exceptional Alternative Dispute Resolution

Free registration.

Family law is now international! That’s why this exchange program organized by ICAB is so interesting. With simultaneous translation English-Spanish. Perfect for getting to know this area of ​​law in a world power like the United States! You can’t miss it!

A simultaneous English-Spanish translation service is planned.

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