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Jake Bergmann, Nikki Fried’s fiancé, is ending Georgia’s divorce from her ex-wife


Agriculture Commissioner Nikki FriedHis fiancé has completed the divorce proceedings with his ex-wife.

Georgia Court records Businessmen advertise for medical marijuana Jake Bergmann‘s divorce case with Aubree miner is now closed. The disputed divorce was due to go to court this week, but the court dates scheduled from Monday through Thursday have now been canceled. A final verdict in the case grants a full divorce between the two.

Jake and Aubree Bergmann reached a settlement agreement on Friday that was filed in the Fulton County Superior Court. Public records did not provide full details of the settlement, but said the parties agreed to “fairly share” all of the assets from their marriage. Jake Bergmann agrees to be responsible for all credit card debts entered into personally or with third parties and that he will defend Aubree Bergmann in the event a creditor tries to prosecute them at the expense, e.g. shared. Aubree Bergmann agreed to the same terms. The couple have agreed on a custody and child support plan.

Jake and Aubree Bergmann first married in August 2010. Fulton County divorce proceedings were first filed in April 2019, despite the two previously separated. Jake Bergmann’s engagement to Fried was announced in December 2019, and the two had been together before. Bergmann attended Fried’s inauguration while the two were together.

The end of Bergmann’s previous marriage comes as Fried runs for governor. Development also takes place when Fried and Bergmann’s relationship is subjected to further scrutiny.

The Orlando Sentinel released an investigation this week into Fried’s connections to the medical marijuana industry and Bergmann’s continued interest in the industry, which Fried now has a role in regulating as the state agriculture commissioner. The news report notes that within two years of Fried’s election, Bergmann piqued interest in a dozen cannabis companies, including one that received a hemp license from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Fried, days before announcing her candidacy for governor, also changed previous financial disclosures, revealing the following: higher income than previously reported by a consultancy she founded in collaboration with cannabis companies. She also revealed assets in a cannabis company that was sold in December 2018, just before she took office.

Last year it became known that Bergmann transfer the Leon County house he and Fried share with Fried. Fried spokesmen said at the time the transfer allowed Fried to interact with the bank more cleanly after Bergmann bought the house for cash.

The couple’s wedding date has not yet been announced.

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