Information for anti-enforcement sheriffs in Metro-Atlanta: Georgian regulation requires all jail guards to report detained unlawful aliens to the DHS

Governor Brian Kemp remains silent about illegal immigration

Written and submitted by DA King

In 2011, Aurelio Mayo Perez, an illegal alien, was admitted to Cobb County Prison without a license but was released under a decree by then-President Barack Obama to reduce immigration enforcement. Two years later, Mayo Perez was charged with aggravated child abuse and rape. The name of the ten year old girl he was sentenced of repeated abuse is not available.

Last week, newly sworn in Cobb County’s Sheriff Craig Owens held an extensive press conference with invited anti-enforcement activists, proudly announcing his termination of the 287 (g) program. The Marietta Daily Journal described the grand finale of the event as “… when the event ended and a mariachi band started playing, the atmosphere in the room was decidedly solemn. The new sheriff even went down and wallowed for a moment to enjoy the approval of his audience. “Cobb County Deputy Sheriff Loren Lilly – Killed in a traffic accident in 2007 by an unlicensed illegal alien driver – could not attend.

Democratic Commission Chair Lisa Cupid said Owens’ decision was “brave, necessary and overdue”. Cobb’s new District Attorney, Flynn Broady weighed with “this will make our community safer.” We recommend reading the whole MDJ report

The 287 (g) voluntary program was established by Congress in 1996 and signed into law by Bill Clinton. It is designed to expand the powers of local law enforcement agencies to locate and report illegal aliens on the ICE, usually in county jails. It’s a deterrent. Then-Senator Joe Biden voted to pass.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Owens claims “the program has turned into a program that profiled immigrants through traffic stops that resulted in their being deported for offenses.” While Sheriff Owens – a former Cobb County police officer – can smear his law enforcement colleagues with shameful profiling charges, he should understand that illegal aliens are deported and that deportation is the punishment for illegal immigration, not traffic violations.

Jose Alfaro-Contraras, An illegal alien from El Salvador was one of the armed men in an armed robbery in April 2015 on the owner of a check cashing shop in Duluth. A year earlier, Alfaro-Contraras had been in Gwinnett County Jail for shoplifting. He was released for “minor crimes”.

The examples above are from a 2017 report “Prison records show that immigrants were not deported after minor crimes later committed worse ones.” by Atlanta’s Fox Five TV News investigative reporter Randy Travis.

(L) -Cobb Co. Sheriff Craig Owens, (R) -Gwinnett County Sheriff Keybo Taylor Photo Credit: WSB-TV / Twitter

In Gwinnett County, Sheriff Keybo Taylor made his enforcement policy clear on his first day in office when he ended the 287 (g) program: “What we’re not going to do is tell ICE about the immigration status of anyone in prison or one of our employees inform facilities… ”Taylor said on his own press. He said a local NPR interviewer 287 (g) is inclined towards “people of color”.

“Basically what this program started to do was target, um, people of color who were in this country and not documented. So, you know, it became, you know, a racist problem for me. .. “,

Taylor says he’d rather focus on gang members. I was curious and asked experts Gangs in Gwinnett and the skin color affects Taylor. But on that issue, Sheriff Taylor worries about the borders “… Crimes and criminals … they don’t respect the borders, so they know it’s nothing that comes from Atlanta to Gwinnett County …” says Taylor . Indeed.

in the to press and radio In interviews, both sheriffs have done a remarkable job of learning and complying with the anti-287 (g) discussion points circulated by the far left. Below are some of those tips from 2008 ACLU ‘Toolkit’.

“How can you opt out of 287 (g) agreements in your state or locality?”

* Always describe how police enforcement of immigration laws threatens public safety for all.

* Claim that local immigration law police will lead to widespread racial profiling.

* Claim that immigration enforcement is the responsibility of the federal government.

* Make sure that police resources are already tight.

Georgia Law: A “Plan B” To Call Sheriffs Against Enforcement

Attention Georgia attorneys, including Flynn Broady of Cobb County: Regardless of 287 (g), Longstanding (2006) State Law (OCGA 42-4-14) requires inmates to verify the immigration status of arriving foreign prisoners. “If the alien is determined to be an illegal alien, the jailer or other officer will notify the Department of Homeland Security or any other agency or agency designated by the federal government for notification.”

This “Plan B” would be much more effective if actually enforced and if Governor Kemp ended his silence on illegal immigration. See the Dustin Inman Society Brian Kemp file here.

DA King is president of the Georgia-based nonprofit organization Dustin Inman Society.