Indian shopkeeper shot dead by children in Georgia

A 36-year-old Wrens store clerk, Mandeep Singh, was tragically shot dead in an armed robbery in Georgia. Two 15-year-old suspects entered Wrens Food Mart and within seconds shots were fired at Singh behind the clerk’s desk.

One suspect fled the scene while the other took cash from the register before leaving. The suspects were later arrested with the help of local law enforcement.

The incident happened in Jefferson County, Georgia. Surveillance footage showed the suspects entered the store with clear intent to commit a robbery. Despite law enforcement’s quick response, Singh succumbed to his injuries.

The police were able to identify the suspects because they did not hide their identity during the crime. The identities of the suspects have not been released due to their young age.

The community has come together to support Singh’s grieving family. A fundraiser was launched to cover the funeral expenses and ongoing living expenses.

The tragic incident has sparked outrage in the community and highlighted the need for increased security measures. The shooting is a solemn reminder of the devastating aftermath of armed robbery.

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