In Good Books with Georgia Knox

Navigating through change

The learning curve was steep, including time spent in London and New York, but Knox’s work in launching Audible for Australia in 2014 was a success. “After a few years, business was really good and we had the team complete,” she says.

Then came another Audible offer. She was asked to repeat what she had done in Australia in an international expansion role, first for India and then Canada. It was a busy time when her partner, who she had been with for more than ten years, proposed marriage within months and then both moved to New York.

There was another step up for Knox. It came when the country manager for Canada, who she had worked with to prepare for the Canada launch, left Audible and Knox was asked to apply for the position. Even now, four years later, this is still her current role.

When asked about the qualities that allowed her to travel so far so quickly, Knox pauses.

“I don’t have a work personality and I don’t have a personal personality or anything. I think it’s really important to lead with kindness, including to yourself,” she says.