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U.S. immigration authorities released the remaining nine women who went to Dr. Mahendra Amin, a Georgia gynecologist, were brought while held in the immigration center. At least 41 women detained at Irwin County’s Detention Center in Ocilla, Georgia, alleged that Amin was conducting procedures without their consent that were medically unnecessary and could compromise their fertility. He has denied these allegations through his lawyer pending a federal criminal investigation. Former President Donald Trump’s administration allowed ICE to deport about six women who spoke out against Amin last year. A court order put the remaining deportations on hold under possible witnesses. The Associated Press

In other national immigration news …

Texas is suing Biden over deportation pause

Texas sued the Biden government in federal court Friday over its 100-day deportation hiatus. The state claims the Department of Homeland Security violated the terms of an unusual agreement with the Trump administration that gave the state a say in immigration policy. The DHS signed these agreements with several states in December and January. They seem designed to interfere with President Joe Biden’s goals. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants to block the 100-day hiatus by claiming it is in breach of the agreement and in violation of federal immigration and administrative law. BuzzFeed News

Migrant farm workers in Florida may not be provided with COVID-19 vaccines

Hundreds of thousands of Florida farm workers are hoping to receive the vaccine, but the state requires proof of residence to obtain it, which worries migrant workers. Florida’s draft vaccination schedule is likely to include key workers in the next batch of vaccine, but officials have not clarified who falls into that category. However, recommendations for vaccine recipients include a valid Florida driver’s license or photo ID, a utility bill with a Florida address with the patient’s name, or a part-time rental agreement. Farm workers in Florida are particularly susceptible to contracting the virus because they work closely in fields and live in confined spaces. Tampa Bay Times

Syrian refugee family hopes for reunification after Biden ends travel ban

The Alsidnawi family spend most of their meals on a laptop or phone to speak to Ahmad Alsidnawi and Sami Labbad. The two have been stuck in El Cajon for years after the administration of former President Donald Trump complicated the process of approving visas for Syrians. According to the US State Department, the number of visas issued annually to Syrians decreased by 64 percent from 2016 to 2019, from over 2,600 to less than 950. Only 14 of the more than 11,000 visas issued last month were for Syrians. After Biden ended Trump’s travel ban, the number of visas in Syria should rise again, possibly enabling the Alsidnawis to reunite. San Diego Union-Tribune

Tear gas at the Portland ICE Facility protest

Federal agents in protective clothing broke tear gas and lightning strikes outside the ICE office in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night to disperse a protest. The demonstrators called for an end to the deportations. Officials from the Federal Protective Service, a unit of DHS, announced this as an “illegal gathering” at 10:00 pm and asked the group to split up, according to Fox News. “If you enter federal property with a gun … you will be arrested,” a tape was played to the crowd as a warning. It is unclear whether any arrests were made. The New York Post