TRUMPS CLAIM: These tens of thousands of ineligible voters cast ballot papers.

STERLING’S DECLARATION: The actual number of ballots cast by ineligible voters is tiny and nowhere near enough to change the election result.

Mr Sterling also elaborated on more specific claims about ineligible voters:

  • Mr Trump said thousands of people voted even though they were not registered to vote. It is impossible, said Mr. Sterling: “You cannot do it. A ballot cannot be issued, there is no way to tie it to you, there is no place for them to have a name to match unless they are registered voters. So this number is zero. “

  • Mr Trump said thousands of voters died before the election. Mr Sterling said the Secretary of State had only found two that could match this description.

  • Mr Trump said hundreds of people voted on mailboxes instead of a home address. Mr Sterling said the secretary of state is still investigating but that everyone he has investigated so far has actually used a correct residential address – only one for an apartment building or apartment building.

  • Mr Trump’s campaign said many criminals voted. In reality, based on records from the state’s correction and probation departments, the secretary of state identified only 74 people who could fit into that category – and Mr Sterling said the final number would be even lower after the bureau completed the investigation because in many Cases In some cases, the individual could have their voting rights restored after completing a sentence, or they could simply have the same name as a criminal.

  • Mr Trump’s campaign said tens of thousands of people under the age of 18 voted. “The actual number is zero,” said Sterling, “and the reason we know this is because the data is on the voter registration.” There are four cases – four – where people applied for their postal vote before they turned 18 but lived to be 18 by election day. That is, this is a legally cast vote. “

  • Mr Trump’s campaign said hundreds of voters in two states cast ballots. Mr Sterling said officials are still investigating, but if such cases were confirmed it would be “handfuls” and nowhere near enough to change the outcome.

TRUMPS CLAIM: These machines flipped votes and counted Trump ballots as Biden ballots.

STERLING’S DECLARATION: If that had happened, said Mr. Sterling, the hand count would have shown it and it showed nothing of the kind.

He spoke about allegations of hacking, adding that voting machines and scanners are not connected to the internet. “Nobody has modems,” said Sterling. “It’s very hard to hack things without a modem.”

TRUMPS CLAIM: These polling officers have not properly verified the signatures for postal ballot papers.

STERLING’S DECLARATION: The State Secretary brought in signature experts who examined more than 15,000 envelopes. They found potential problems with only two, and upon investigation, both ballots were found to be legitimate.

TRUMPS CLAIM: Compared to previous election cycles, Georgia rejected a suspiciously low number of postal ballot papers.

STERLING’S DECLARATION: The decline in rejections is due to a recently passed law that allows Georgians to correct issues like a rejected signature with their ballot papers. Both parties had teams roaming the state and reaching out to voters whose ballots were threatened with rejection, but Mr Sterling said the Democrats were simply better prepared for the task.

TRUMPS CLAIM: These election officials destroyed ballot papers.

STERLING’S DECLARATION: “There is no destruction of ballots,” said Sterling with distinct anger. “It’s not real. It doesn’t happen. “