Household Inceptions, Georgia’s main surrogacy company, joins Carrot Fertility’s community of suppliers

Carrot Fertility Members now have more direct access to Family Inceptions’ proven and highly sought-after surrogacy and egg donation programs

ATLANTA – August 31, 2021 – (

Carrot Fertility is the world’s leading provider of fertility benefits to employers and health insurers, helping people all along the path to starting a family. Since its launch in 2016, Carrot has built a trusted network of verified, specialized partners.

Family Inceptions is a full-service, relationship-based surrogacy and egg donation agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia serving hopeful parents in the US and internationally.

The founder of Family Inceptions, Eloise Drane, is 3x pregnancy replacement and 6x egg donor. “Working people deserve access to family-building tools like surrogacy, which is why I am so excited to be working with Carrot Fertility. Surrogacy is an extremely powerful tool, but it is unaffordable for many. The advantages of Carrot Fertility not only offer support with direct costs, but also the invaluable guidance of a thoroughly checked list of providers and virtual access to experts. False starts with unqualified or inexperienced providers often waste valuable time, energy and financial resources. At Family Inceptions I employ a registered nurse, licensed social worker and an experienced and licensed family law attorney. “

Key benefits of Family Inceptions include:

· Internal legal representation for all intended parents

· 24/7/365 customer and deputy support

· Complete transparency and accurate breakdown of program costs and prices

· Programs that focus on education, mental health, and realistic expectation setting

· Free consultations and process training, regardless of where the intended parents are in the process

· Built-in supplementary insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances

· Competitive playing times for intended parents and surrogate mothers

Additionally, Family Inceptions outperforms others in the industry with its unique set of over 165 surrogate qualifiers that are above the industry standard. These proprietary qualifiers enable the agency to find the highest quality qualified, pre-screened, and properly motivated proxies.

The demand for services related to the desire to have children and family education is growing. About one in eight American couples has infertility. Singles and LGBTQ + couples also need family building support through donation-assisted reproduction, which further increases the demand for better access.

A surrogacy trip can cost more than $ 120,000, and the average cost of an IVF cycle in the US is $ 15,000. As the need for solutions and costs increase, 88% of respondents said they would seriously consider switching jobs in favor of fertility benefits.

When Eloise started Family Inceptions, it was the only surrogacy agency in the state of Georgia. Since then, she has been a strong voice for improved pregnancy and infertility care in the state and beyond. Says Drane, “She is honored to be joining the Carrot Fertility network to help more families have a safe, informed, and successful surrogacy journey.”

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Family Inceptions, Georgia’s leading surrogacy agency, joins Carrot Fertility’s network of providers