GSP Report: How Georgian Troopers Suspect Spa Shootings

According to police reports, it was GSP TFC Travis Pollock who used precision immobilization technology (PIT) to stop the suspect’s vehicle.

ATLANTA – It wasn’t long before eight people were killed in three spa shootings in Atlanta before police officers identified Robert Aaron Long as the sole suspect.

A recent Georgia State Patrol police report provides more details on how soldiers were able to arrest the 21-year-old hours after the shootings.

The Cherokee County sheriff’s office said after the shooting that they posted Long’s photo on their social media page and that his family could identify him. Authorities then tracked his cell phone to ping his location.

According to police reports, it was GSP TFC Travis Pollock who used precision immobilization technology (PIT) to stop the suspect’s vehicle.

GSP said it appeared Long was driving south on I-75 in a black Hyundai Tucson. Two soldiers were stationed in the area – Pollock near mile marker 97 and another near mile marker 101. They received information on Long’s movements.

A soldier spotted the Hyundai and decided to drive behind the SUV until the backup arrived to help with a traffic disruption, the report said. Pollock said he then saw the SUV pass the 94 mile marker and was able to confirm that it actually matched the description of the vehicle they were looking for.

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“I didn’t want a vehicle chase to begin where the subject could deliberately harm or escape someone,” Pollock said in the report. “I also wanted law enforcement staff to have a tactical advantage in handling this dangerous issue.”

GSP said the soldier had decided to perform a PIT maneuver near mile marker 93.

“The vehicle turned clockwise and then began to turn back counterclockwise as the counter counter steered,” he explained in the report. “To make sure the violator did not recover from the PIT, I used the front of my patrol car to contact the left side of the vehicle when it came back on my driveway.”

The vehicle eventually stopped in the central lane heading north.

In the report, some of the soldiers said their blue lights were activated and they were pulling out their service weapons when one of them gave long verbal commands to show his hands.

“The driver, later identified as Mr. Robert Aaron Long, sat motionless for about 30 seconds. After constant orders to show his hands, Mr. Long raised his hands,” said one soldier in the report.

After the break, they said Long got out of the vehicle and on the ground.

They did a search and said they found a foldable knife in one of his pockets. Another pocket allegedly had a pistol magazine that they said was loaded.

Long was taken into custody by the soldiers along with Crisp County MPs, according to the report.

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On March 16, authorities announced that the first shooting occurred at Young’s Asian Massage in Cherokee County on Highway 92. Five people were shot at that location and four of the victims there died. The other two shootings took place near Midtown Atlanta on Piedmont Road. Atlanta police said three people were killed at the Gold Spa. The fourth person was killed across the street at the Aromatherapy Spa.

In a statement on Monday, the Cherokee Sheriff’s office said Long was facing malicious murder and aggravated charges of assault in her jurisdiction.

“Our primary focus is on investigating this heinous crime and ensuring that all facts and evidence are gathered for presentation to the Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit District Attorney for prosecution,” the sheriff’s office said.

APD previously said Long would face four murder cases in her jurisdiction.

Authorities said the suspect took responsibility for the shootings and also alleged that he plans to go to Florida for further action in that state.