U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Rome, held a town hall for dozens of her supporters on Wednesday in Chatsworth, Georgia. The new congresswoman shared stories about her first few months in office and provided information on some of the laws she is working on.

Speaking to a barn full of voters for nearly two hours, Greene covered the January 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol how the Democrats had decided to dissuade them from their committee duties and the situation on the southern border. She criticized President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and re-played two of her Twitter videos that went viral.

One issue that has been raised repeatedly – mainly by members of the public, both unsolicited and tabled – has been the 2020 elections, allegations of electoral fraud and the perceived need to tighten electoral laws. Several viewers said the November presidential election had been rigged and wondered how they could sue Dominion Voting Systems for allegedly faulty machines.

The concerned candidate, former President Donald Trump, has raised these concerns repeatedly despite his allegations being rejected by state election officials, judges, the Supreme Court and, ultimately, Congress. One of Trump’s allies in his endeavors, Attorney Sidney Powell, said in court files this week in a defamation case filed by Dominion that no sane person would have considered their railing against the machines as factual.

Greene gave an update on her impeachment proceedings against Biden, telling the crowd that the newspapers are waiting for the appropriate time to be pulled out of the judiciary committee.

Greene praised Georgia and federal police officers and criticized the police reform law named after George Floyd, who died on May 25 under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. She called the legislation the “Democrats Hate Police” law. She said she strongly opposes depriving officers of the qualified immunity that protects officers from lawsuits in most cases.

“That’s awful,” she said. “That’s one of the things the police protect. Because you know what they’re doing? They have to arrest people.”

Later that night, when a woman said cops did not kill Floyd, Greene quickly and quietly contradicted the woman before switching the subject to her criticism of defusing the police movement.

Greene used the recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado as a reason for less restrictive gun laws.

“He committed a terrible crime,” said Greene. “He’s a terrible person, a murderer, a thug. But that’s no reason to take everyone’s guns away.”

Staff photo of CB Schmelter / Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Congressman for the 14th District, speaks during the Murray County Town Hall meeting at Cloer Barn on Wednesday March 24, 2021 in Chatsworth, Ga.

Greene pointed out that the alleged shooter is a Muslim American. She said she opposed any legislation that would put gun owners on any list and said it would violate their privacy.

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Greene extolled her newest law: the Protect America First Act. The bill would include a complete ban on immigration during Biden’s four-year term and also name the “big, beautiful” border wall after Trump. That got a lot of applause from the loud crowd on Wednesday evening.

After Greene was dismissed from her committee duties in Congress for earlier comments on social media, Greene spent her time in Washington being a thorn in the side of the Democrats. Before the $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 aid package was passed, Greene attempted to delay the vote at least three times by forcing procedural votes to put the House on hold during the hearings.

The tactic angered the Democrats and even some Republicans, who had to be excused from other committee meetings and duties in order to vote on Greene’s adjournment.

Greene bragged about her efforts on Wednesday, saying lawmakers must “do their job” while he’s in DC

Greene was an outspoken critic of the COVID-19 Relief Act, often calling it a “bailout for the blue state”. She was also critical of other bills passed since it was adopted by the Biden administration, including the Anti-Discrimination Equal Opportunities Act. She said it “brings men into the bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams of our little girls.”

This was when she reenacted the video swap she and her Capitol neighbor, Rep. Marie Newman, D-Illinois, had on Twitter because they disagreed on transgender rights.

Greene toured Appalachian Regional Port in Murray County and Mannington Mills in Calhoun in front of her town hall.

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Staff photo of CB Schmelter / Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia Congressman for the 14th District, speaks during the Murray County Town Hall meeting at Cloer Barn on Wednesday March 24, 2021 in Chatsworth, Ga.