“Unfortunately there are some who choose to be hostile and, in more serious cases, threaten officials,” wrote Governor Kemp.

ATLANTA – Governor Brian Kemp sent a letter to Georgia sheriffs and police chiefs Thursday urging them to remain vigilant of any threats or harassment at vaccine sites across the state.

In the letter, Governor Kemp thanked law enforcement for being on the front lines during the COVID pandemic.

“My family and I will always cherish and deeply appreciate the role you play in protecting Georgians, and we will continue to do all we can to assist you,” he wrote. “We are doing everything we can to encourage Georgians to educate themselves about the benefits of vaccination to protect against COVID-19.”

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As part of Georgia’s vaccination effort, Governor Kemp wrote that the Ministry of Health continues to host mobile vaccination events across the state.

“Unfortunately, there are some who choose to be hostile and, in more serious cases, threaten officials who are just doing their job trying to protect the health and well-being of their Georgian compatriots,” he wrote. “If you have proxies or officials available, I would ask you to keep an eye on this activity in your community and to coordinate with the local health authorities if they need additional support on the ground.”

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Governor Kemp added, “Making terrorist threats to those vaccinating for the Georgia Department of Health is a crime and can be prosecuted by the attorney general and other prosecutors.”

In the letter, Governor Kemp wrote, “Attorney General Carr assures me that you are ready to assist if necessary.”

In addition, Governor Kemp tweeted, “As Georgians, we must support our heroes in health care.”

You can read the full letter he wrote below.

Today I sent a letter to our Georgia Sheriffs & Chiefs of Police asking them to remain vigilant if there is any threat or harassment at vaccination centers across the state. As Georgians, we must support our health heroes. pic.twitter.com/K9zRa4ZkgI

– Governor Brian P. Kemp (@GovKemp) September 2, 2021