Governor Brian Kemp visits the Georgia Nationwide Guardsmen on the US-Mexico border Information

Governor Brian Kemp went to the border between the United States and Mexico in Texas to visit Georgia National Guardsmen stationed there, which aroused praise and ridicule from Democrats in Republican circles.

Kemp announced the visit on Friday in a series of tweets on Twitter. There are currently nearly 300 Georgia National Guardsmen serving on the border to assist Texas and federal law enforcement agencies in monitoring the border.

“Since the Vice President is not going to visit our nation’s border to witness the crisis, I decided to go myself,” Kemp said in one of the tweets.

The governor posted photos of himself on the Rio Grande on a section of the border wall that former President Donald Trump had sought to build and meet with Georgia National Guard officials.

He also posted a video of himself with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Adjunct General Tom Carden of the Georgia National Guard.

“I just want to thank the Georgia National Guard who are helping Texas and helping America address this very challenging problem,” said Abbott. “Teamwork is always better, and we love our Georgia friends.”

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However, the Democratic Party of Georgia jumped on the tweets, calling it a “political stunt” in preparation for next year’s election cycle in which Kemp will run for re-election.

“This is nothing more than an embarrassing political stunt,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia’s far-right wing in a sad attempt to rally support.

“Antics like these make it clear that Kemp and Republicans don’t really want solutions to immigration – they just want a political crisis.”

Kemp spokesman Tate Mitchell declined the Democratic Party’s statement, as well as the responses on Twitter, mocking the visit with arguments that Georgia had no border with Mexico.

“There are currently nearly 300 Georgia guards at the border,” Mitchell said in a statement on Twitter. “The governor traveled today to thank them and see what they were up against. It’s called leadership. It’s understandable that GA Dems don’t know what that looks like.”

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