Giuliani admits making “false” statements about two election workers in Georgia

Trump's former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani acknowledged that he “does not dispute” that his statements about two election officials in 2020 were “false,” a court filing said Tuesday.

Two Fulton County (Ga.) poll workers — Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss — sued Giuliani for defamation in December 2021 over his statements in which he falsely claimed they played a role in rigging the election. In a two-page statement filed Tuesday, he said he “does not deny” that those statements are “false” and “have a defamatory meaning.”

In his statement, Giuliani also said he would not dispute the “factual elements of liability” surrounding the election workers' allegations of “intentional infliction of emotional distress and other related damages.”

However, his statement said that these concessions have no bearing on his argument that the statements and opinions he made were “constitutionally protected.” The statement also notes that he admits these allegations “for the purpose of the legal adjudication of this case.”

This statement comes just days after former New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Bernard Kerik – who helped former President Trump's campaign investigate false claims of election fraud in 2020 – committed to providing documents to hand over the legal team of Freeman and Moss.

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The Hill has reached out to Giuliani for further comment.

Freeman and Moss, a mother-daughter pair, faced backlash during the 2020 election after posts surfaced on social media that falsely claimed they had committed voter fraud. These false accusations were made by Giuliani and Trump, according to a report investigating the matter.

A series of investigations led by three law enforcement agencies – the Georgia Secretary of State's Office and special agents of the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation – found that these allegations against the election workers were “false and baseless.”

The poll workers also filed a defamation lawsuit against One America News Network, which made false claims on its broadcasts. The station ultimately paid a settlement and issued an on-air retraction of the allegations last year.

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