Georgia’s league team declines White House invitation – HONEYCOMB

The Georgia national soccer team declines an invitation to visit the White House.

The Bulldogs will not be able to attend a June 12 event with other collegiate teams at the White House, according to a statement released Tuesday by the Georgia Athletic Association. The event is referred to as “College Athlete Day” by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

The statement from Georgia said the team’s schedule conflicts with the proposed date given in an invitation received earlier this month.

“The University of Georgia first received an invitation on May 3 for the Bulldog football team to visit the White House on June 12,” the athletic federation said in a statement. “Unfortunately, given the student-athlete calendar and the time of year, the proposed date is not feasible. However, we are grateful for the invitation and look forward to more opportunities for the Georgian teams in the future.”

Georgia did not provide further details on the schedule conflict.

Some professional championship teams, including the 2021 Atlanta Braves, have visited the White House during the Biden administration. This year’s Connecticut and Louisiana State men’s and women’s NCAA basketball teams are scheduled to visit the White House on May 26.

Coach Kirby Smart and quarterback Stetson Bennett led Georgia to their second straight national championship with a 65-7 thrashing of TCU.

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