ATLANTA (AP) – Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp appears open to accepting refugees from Afghanistan who supported the US war effort.

The Republican governor said in a statement Tuesday that it is important to protect those who have worked with the American armed forces for the past 20 years, and that Americans cannot break their word with those who have helped them, “the Defending freedom and bringing justice to people ”. who attacked the country on September 11th, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He also criticized the military withdrawal of the Biden government.

Other governors, both Republicans and Democrats, have also indicated their willingness to take in refugees.

As of November, 38 people with visas for Afghans who helped the US military or the US government during the war have resettled in Georgia, according to the newspaper.

Kemp’s advisors told the newspaper that the relocation process could take years and its administration will insist on a thorough personal review as required by federal law.

“This is welcome news,” said Paedia Mixon, executive director of the New American Pathways Refugee Relocation Group. “