Georgia Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade is settling his divorce case with his wife, meaning he will not be questioned about the “affair” with prosecutor Fani Willis that led the ex-president to call for her removal from the case

By Harriet Alexander for

02:27 January 31, 2024, updated 03:20 January 31, 2024

  • Nathan Wade, appointed by Fani Willis to be a special prosecutor in Donald Trump's election interference case in Georgia, settled his divorce on Tuesday
  • He filed for divorce from his wife of 26 years, Joycelyn, on November 1, 2021 – a day after he was appointed special prosecutor by Willis
  • On January 8, allegations surfaced that Wade and Willis were in a romantic relationship: Wade was scheduled to testify about the allegations on Wednesday

The special prosecutor in Donald Trump's election interference case in Georgia has resolved his divorce, a day before he was scheduled to be asked in court about the end of his marriage.

Nathan Wade filed for divorce from his wife of 26 years, Joycelyn, in November 2021, a day after he was named head of the Trump prosecution by District Attorney Fani Willis.

On January 8, allegations emerged that Wade had a romantic relationship with Willis, and questions were raised about his employment, salary and showering of gifts on her.

Wade, 51, was scheduled to be questioned in court on Wednesday about his relationship with Willis, despite allegations of impropriety by the Trump team. However, he said on Tuesday that his contentious divorce had been settled out of court, meaning neither he nor Willis will be questioned in court about their relationship.

Willis still faces the Trump team's attempt to remove her from the case. A hearing is scheduled for February 15.

Nathan Wade, 51, is seen in court on Jan. 12 amid his contentious divorce and allegations that he is having a relationship with District Attorney Fani Willis Donald Trump, seen on Jan. 17, has accused Willis of a witch hunt to prevent

Willis has until Friday to respond to the allegations in court.

“The Wade v. Wade hearing scheduled for January 31, 2024 has been canceled with the consent of the parties, Judge Thompson has issued a temporary restraining order,” said Thomas Davis, staff attorney for Cobb County Judge Henry Thompson.

Judge Thompson's order, obtained by CNN, shows that Wade and his wife entered into a “temporary agreement to resolve all issues,” and both agreed that the terms of the agreement would not be filed in court.

Wade's divorce from 49-year-old Joycelyn had taken a bitter turn when her team questioned him about drug and alcohol use.

He was placed under a civil contempt order in August 2023 for failing to comply with a court order issued in May to turn the investigation over to Joycelyn's lawyers.

The lawyers argued that he was “unwilling to cooperate and will not comply unless compelled to do so by an order of the court.”

She also accused him of failing to disclose more than $500,000 in payments for work on the Trump case.

Willis is seen flanked by Wade on August 14 during a press conference to discuss the Trump case

Their messy divorce came into the spotlight on January 8 when one of Trump's co-defendants, Mike Roman, claimed that Wade and Willis were in a relationship.

When Willis hired Wade, she described him as an old friend.

Roman, who used the relationship to get his case dismissed, said in his complaint, “The district attorney chose to appoint her romantic partner, who was a married man at all times relevant to this prosecution.”

Roman's lawyers claimed – without evidence – that Wade and Willis lived together and that he spent the money from the Trump case on trips to Napa Valley, Florida and the Caribbean.

Neither Willis nor Wade have commented on the allegations.