Georgia state law receives a gift for an endowment scholarship

ATLANTA – Interim Dean Leslie Wolf has donated a stock scholarship fund to Georgia State University College of Law. The college’s Board of Visitors Chairperson Beth Tanis generously complied with her gift.

Both gifts are collected by the Georgia State University Foundation as part of the StateWayMatch program.

“The legal profession has lagged behind many others in terms of diversity and accessibility. This scholarship will further support our efforts at the College of Law to open the field to all talented individuals, ”said Wolf. “This gift fits in with my academic research, much of which has focused on equity in medicine, research, and public health.”

Elizabeth Tanis

Beth Tanis, Chair of the College of Law Visitors Committee

The needs-based equity scholarship is awarded to an incoming law student in the first year and can be renewed annually at the discretion of the college. The first recipient of the equity scholarship is expected to enroll in autumn 2021.

Tanis, who has been a lawyer for 38 years, believes the scholarship will allow the College of Law to bring more diverse lawyers and judges to the world, which is vital to American democracy.

“Lawyers and judges cannot be truly effective in any area of ​​law they serve unless they benefit from the wisdom, voices and talent that diversity brings to the profession,” Tanis said. “[My husband John] and I long for an America free from the barriers and privations that systemic racism and other prejudices impose. I understand that this Justice Scholarship is only a tiny step in dealing with our country’s greatest sins, but it is a step that John and I can take as individuals. “