Georgia Sen. Albers replies to parliamentary tweets


Georgia Senator John Albers, R-Roswell (FOX 5)

A senior Georgian lawmaker lost his job at the Fisher Phillips law firm after an anti-Trump Republican political action committee criticized his support for electoral law

The Lincoln Project accused Georgia Senator John Albers, R-Roswell, in a since-deleted tweet of “co-sponsoring SB62 – a bill designed to suppress black voices and introduce a new Jim Crow”. The tweet also noted that Albers was “CIO of Fisher Phillips (@labor_attorneys), a company that represents America’s largest corporations. They pride themselves on diversity and inclusion …”

Albers said he “proudly” supported the bill but was one of four GOP lawmakers who did not vote for the Senate omnibus election bill, which would restrict post voting in Georgia.

Senator Albers speaks to the Senate

Georgia Senator John Albers, R-Roswell speaks to the Senate and replies to tweets from PAC group The Lincoln Group.

The state senators went to the Senate Monday to resolve the issue. He also released a statement that reads:

“Last week, The Lincoln Project knowingly lied about me in a series of since-deleted tweets in order to stay relevant and distract the public from their own transgressions. Among other things, they falsely accused me of attempting to suppress voters,” in several Tweets that also featured my employer and some of his biggest clients. These obnoxious tactics are nothing new, but I will not allow this embarrassed PAC to “annul” me or to deceive my constituents and the American public.

“The truth is, I co-sponsored Georgia Senate Act 62, which requires voting papers in the state of Georgia to have a watermark, seal, and other security element containing the county number – best practices. I have neither sponsored nor sponsored voted in favor of other bills recently passed in Georgia aimed at not limiting apologies for absenteeism and reducing voting over the weekend, in fact some groups attacked me for not supporting these other measures.

“My records are crystal clear. I believe that voting is a sacred right and should be available, transparent and safe to all citizens. I am proud of my work in this area. And I will not let myself be canceled, threatened or threatened I am intimidated by lying about my files – especially by a shamed group facing publicly known allegations of sexual harassment and financial inappropriateness.

“While The Lincoln Project is a scandalous and hypocritical organization, its ‘words matter’ and have devastating consequences. Obviously, the strong arm’s strategy of tagging my employer and some of its biggest clients in their false and defamatory tweets I should mine Destroy career. And of course, regardless of the truth, I’ve already been falsely labeled, lost my job, and received threats against my entire family.

“The truth matters. People who are willing to undermine the truth for their own political and personal ends pose an immediate threat to our democracy. I cannot allow radical groups like the Lincoln Project to continue to lie and deceive use to foment division and destabilize our big ones. I take a stand to defend the truth and hope all Americans will join me. Enough is enough. “

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