Georgia Sec.  of State recommends much more suspected election violations for legislation enforcement

“Dominion is proud to partner with the State of Georgia in successfully rolling out the new 2020 statewide voting system,” said John Poulos, CEO of Dominion. “We are grateful to the Georgian Foreign Minister’s office and the county’s electoral officials who helped not only maintain the resilience of the electoral process during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also after a widespread disinformation campaign aimed at sowing doubt , confusion persisted in the outcome of the presidential election. The historic statewide handcount of all ballots produced by Georgia voters confirmed the security and accuracy of the Dominion systems and added a number of pieces of evidence confirming the falseness of the lies told about our company. We appreciate the opportunity to highlight the launch of the new system in 2020 and share the facts about Dominion, and look forward to continuing to serve the Peach State. “