ATLANTA, February 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Georgia Roadside Tow companies are not trained, accountable, or comply with legal requirements. This is evident from a recent insurance risk assessment Georgia Towing Industry by Insurance Risk Services by Georgia (IRSG). They found 87% of Atlanta Area tow companies do not meet the legal operating requirements that provide roadside assistance to automakers and insurance companies. You will not receive business licenses, annual USDOT safety inspections, health cards, and training. The main cause of this failure is Georgia’s lack of control over the towing industry for roadside assistance and the ignorance of the tow company owners who fail to charge reasonable tariffs from roadside assistance companies serving car manufacturers, insurance companies and auto repair shops.

Improperly loaded Isuzu Trooper from Georgia Roadside Assistance Tow Provider

Most towing companies let their drivers go to provide service without training the towing company for the various situations they are in or informing them of the legal responsibilities placed on them by law. Tow drivers damage vehicles while providing roadside assistance without meeting Georgia legal requirements for towing. Put the public at risk and give insurance specialists cause to reject insurance claims.

The highest rate of illegal roadside activity occurs in the densely populated Metro-Atlanta area of ​​4 counties. Tow companies come from outside the area because they don’t meet legal requirements and operate due to the lack of oversite. Exposing the public to physical and financial danger. These illegal activities include:

  1. Did not get a valid business license;
  2. Lack of adequate insurance coverage in relation to the amounts of coverage for commercial use in the actual legal company name;
  3. Failed to get USDOT truck safety inspections and USDOT driver cards;
  4. Perform unsupervised towing without the driver being present at the time of maintenance (ID must be presented, signature authorizing maintenance and pre-ride inspection for insurance cover);
  5. Perform tire change; The GA Insurance Act stipulates that this is a car repair and must not be carried out by any tow operator.
  6. Towing companies that bring vehicles to apartment buildings (apartments, townhouses, and condominiums). Residents / residents are not authorized to give a tow operator permission to use these private parking spaces from third-party providers. This is explained in a rental agreement or in the homeowners association’s bi laws and local zoning law. Tow operators face a criminal offense for bringing vehicles into these areas.
  7. Do not keep the driver logbooks required by USDOT

Motorists need to do due diligence and look for reputable towing companies that specialize in your needs Atlanta Area. Take a look at the equipment of a tugboat. If it seems incorrect, refuse service. When using roadside assistance, be even more careful. Most of the providers used by roadside assistance do not meet these requirements Georgia legal requirements. When your vehicle is exotic, antique, special, or overrated $ 75,000Skip the roadside assistance and call a towing company that specializes in your situation (parking garage, missing tires, etc.). Most of the seconded breakdown recovery towers do not have the necessary training and equipment. If a tractor driver arrives in a questionable truck or uses chains, stop and seek out another supplier as chains will damage the vehicle at the owner’s expense.

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incorrectly loaded-isuzu-trooper.png
Incorrectly loaded Isuzu Trooper
Improperly loaded Isuzu Trooper from Georgia Roadside Assistance Tow Provider

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