On your editorial “Woke and Weak CEOs” (April 2): ​​The CEOs of companies that have criticized Georgia’s new electoral law have made a wise, strategic decision based on hard facts. The facts are that the Republican Party is divided, essentially leaderless, and lacks an organized set of smart, attractive strategies. It lacks a strong, articulate spokesperson and so far has been weak against proposed democratic legislation.

On the other hand is the fact that left-wing, vengeful, activist Democrats have full control over the federal government. The aim of any democratic legislative proposal is to maintain a democratic one-party government.

Future legal immigration, citizenship for the dreamers, a predominantly left mainstream medium, the socialist orientation of the rising generations, the elimination of filibusters and statehood for Washington, DC and Puerto Rico will support the one-party goal of the Democrats.

These CEOs saw the future and made the decision that best protects their companies. It is likely that more CEOs and some large Republican donors will see and follow the future.

Brent Hall