Georgia prosecutor in Trump case calls threats a ‘waste of time’

District Attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County, Georgia, has denounced Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) over a recent letter in which he demanded documents related to her criminal charges against former President Trump, which she interpreted as a threat.

“In this job and as a woman in this position in general, threatening me is a waste of time,” Willis said Sunday at the Revolt World Festival in Atlanta.

Willis’ official response to Jordan’s letter questioned his understanding of the law and mocked his “attempt to interfere with and obstruct this office’s law enforcement.” Your answer wasn’t even necessary because “settled constitutional law clearly allows me to ignore your unjustified and illegal actions.” Burglary.”

“It’s not going to get anyone any results, and I don’t care if it’s a member of Congress, I don’t care if it’s a local in the community. “One thing people learn about me is that I’m an equal opportunity prosecutor,” Willis said Sunday. “So if you come into this community and break the law, you will be held accountable.”

The prosecutor has frequently shrugged off questions about her ethics and ability to prosecute fairly, as well as threats to her life and family. She said she and her mother were doxxed and harassed by people online after Trump was indicted.

Willis said the job is about more than just pursuing a prosecution, but also about advocating for her community.

“What they don’t do is sit in my seat. I’m there with the crying mom, who usually looks like me, and they tell me stories like, “My baby was about to graduate, so we buried him in his cap and gown,” she said. “It’s only when you carry such a burden on your shoulders that you understand why it’s so important that people have value.”

The trial begins next month for two of the 19 defendants charged with election fraud in the wide-ranging election fraud case. The other 17 defendants, including Trump, will go on trial in Georgia early next year, pending some defendants’ attempt to take their case to federal court.

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