Georgia poll workers say former Trump attorney evaded subpoena

Two Georgia poll workers who are suing Rudy Giuliani for defamation said Tuesday a former attorney for former President Trump is dodging their efforts to serve her a subpoena.

Attorneys for Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and Ruby Freeman said in a court filing that despite repeated efforts, they were unable to serve attorney Jenna Ellis with a subpoena.

Ellis – who was part of a legal team that brought forward the former president’s unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud after the 2020 election – has been identified by Giuliani as one of several people who may have relevant information in the defamation case.

After more than a month of negotiations with Ellis’ attorneys, her attorney refused to accept the subpoena and later informed Moss’ and Freeman’s attorneys that they would no longer represent Ellis, the filing says.

Moss and Freeman’s attorneys repeatedly attempted to serve Ellis at her last known address in Colorado and hired a private investigator to find a new address in Florida after Ellis posted on her Twitter account that she was relocating to the Sunshine State was pulled, it was said.

The two Georgia campaign workers are now petitioning the court to allow them to serve Ellis in alternative ways, including through email and direct messages on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Moss and Freeman, a mother-daughter duo who testified before the Jan. 6 committee last June, originally sued Giuliani and One America News (OAN) in December 2021 for making false claims that the poll workers were involved in voter fraud had been.

OAN aired a segment last May as part of a settlement agreement acknowledging that Moss and Freeman “did not engage in voter fraud or criminal misconduct” during the 2020 election.

Ellis recently admitted at a Colorado disciplinary hearing in March that she knowingly misrepresented evidence of voter fraud on at least 10 occasions and was publicly reprimanded by a state judge.

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