ATLANTA – Georgia House Bill 146 passed the House of Representatives on Tuesday. This proposal provides three weeks of paid leave for civil servants and teachers after childbirth, adoption, or when caring for a new child.

Currently, federal law allows state employees to take unpaid leave. However, this bill would extend paid benefits to mothers and fathers who have worked full-time for at least six months.

State Representative Houston Gains tried to pass a similar bill last year, but it ultimately failed in the General Assembly. Gains said this is a new year and he has high hopes that it will pass this term.

“We’ve had really positive feedback in the last few months, and since we’ve worked on this bill, from voters, from people across the state, who share the impact of this bill, especially on young families,” Profits said 11Alive.

Gains said his law will affect about 246,000 Georgians. So far this bill has received bipartisan support and was passed this week in the House of Representatives with 155-2 votes.

It is now up to the Senate to consider approval.