Georgia-Pacific donates merchandise to native colleges’ FFA packages

East Texas is blessed to have some companies that give back to the community. Sometimes these stores are local, mom and pop stores, and sometimes they are more of a regional, state, national, or international brand. You see their evidence everywhere. Sometimes it’s the banners on the fences of the youth baseball complex, or sometimes it’s the donation of the big ticket for an organization’s raffle or auction.

We say a big thank you to all the companies that give back to our community, and those who don’t are missing out on a great opportunity to support this wonderful place that we call home.

Georgia-Pacific is one of those international brands that know the importance of giving back, even though your fingerprint can be felt around the world. Very often we post stories about how they are helping our community by donating money and / or products, or just by providing volunteer work.

More recently, Georgia-Pacific is helping students build better futures by contributing to the construction and craft of schools and Future Farmers of America (FFA) programs. The local building products company provided plywood for students in the Groveton Independent School District (GISD) to build various projects, including feeding troughs and game enclosures. The students sell their handicrafts to the community and in return collect money for their FFA chapter. This is just one of many East Texas schools that receive GP products such as plywood, lumber, and particle board for school projects each year.

Pictured (from left to right) are Timothy Skinner, GP Camden Plywood Shipping Forklift Operator; Andrew Krenek, science teacher at Groveton Ag; and Luther Cockrell, Groveton ISD Maintenance representative.

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