The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said a man who recently separated from his wife had penetrated his in-laws at home, killed his ex-wife and mother-in-law, then took their own life on Sunday morning.

Udoamaka Nwamu, 34, broke into the house near Long Lake Drive in Douglasville by firing a gun into the front and back of the house, officials said.

When the MPs arrived, they were shot from the house, Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds said in a press release on Tuesday.

Officials reported that the sheriff’s emergency response team and a trained hostage negotiator responded as MPs took cover.

“A single shot was heard during negotiations with Udoamaka and the SERT team entered the house immediately,” said Pounds.

MPs said they found Nwamu dead because he inflicted a gunshot wound on himself.

Nwamu’s estranged wife, Kaliyah Ratliff, 24, and her 46-year-old mother, Nikita Green, have been identified by officials as deceased.

The case is still being investigated, Pounds said.

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