Starting July 1, Georgia government employees and public school employees can take three weeks of paid parental leave if a child is accepted into the family.

Governor Brian Kemp, R-Georgia, signed Bill 146 at the State Capitol on Wednesday afternoon.

“House Bill 146 is a jobs, life and family bill that will make a significant difference to families here in Georgia,” said law representative Houston Gaines, R-Athens, the bill’s primary sponsor.

The new law provides for 120 hours of paid parental leave for government employees after the birth of a child, adoption of a child or foster care of a child in their home, regardless of gender. Previously, government employees had to take sick leave, vacation time, or go unpaid to take time off after the arrival of a child.

Each employee can only qualify for the service once a year, although they can take the time to take the necessary steps over a period of 12 months.

An employee must have worked for the state or local school district for six months prior to qualification.

“By ensuring that government employees can take paid time off after they or their spouse have or have adopted a child, we are sending a strong, clear signal that Georgia values ​​every company, company and job creator, but we also value each other each other and every worker, “said Kemp. “Georgians who serve in the state government really did everything during COVID-19. They did important service and protected the public in an unprecedented time. I know everyone here today and those who serve in the General Assembly appreciate their efforts. ”

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