“I’m really not sure there will be a big advantage here in Georgia. And the reason I’m saying this is because some states are slow to reopen, while Georgia has not, you know. We currently have a record number of job openings at Employ Georgia – the most we have ever had in tracking history. Over 200,000 job offers and that doesn’t just mean 200,000 job offers – these are job offers. Many of these offers are intended for several people. I mean, you could easily have 350,000 jobs to fill. That’s why I’m more concerned right now. And because of the abundance of some of these benefits, you are talking about the more rural Georgia that has to compete with some of these things, ”Butler said. “I mean, you know the average person is getting between $ 14 and $ 15 an hour in unemployment right now. There are some mom and pop stores out there that may pay that amount. But even if you can pay $ 15 an hour for someone to work for you, will someone work for 15 instead of working for 15? You know, I think you’re not really going to see the economy fully recover until we stop some of this excess that we are doing right now. “