The highly anticipated fourth season of “Stranger Things,” “Family Feud,” “Sweet Magnolias” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is currently being filmed.

ATLANTA – Georgia’s TV and film production ecosystem is back in business with more than 45 TV shows and films currently being shot across the state, according to the film bureau.

Just a few weeks ago, Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua stopped production of their runaway Georgia slave drama “Emancipation” because of the recently enacted state law restricting electoral access. However, the growing list of active productions continues to be rotated in the state due to the tax incentive.

The highly anticipated fourth season of “Stranger Things,” “Family Feud,” “Sweet Magnolias” and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” are some of the most popular productions currently being produced across the region.

Here are some of the productions shared on 11Alive’s Facebook group The A-Scene.

Strange things

Stockbridge, Georgia residents are treated as cast and crew on set on the hit Netflix original series “Stranger Things.”

Scott Parsons shared photos of the show’s fictional Hawkins High School exterior with 11Alive’s Facebook group The A-Scene.

“Stranger Things 4 is set at Patrick Henry High School in Stockbridge. Lee St. will be closed, ”Parsons wrote

“Fizzgig” is one of the working titles and yellow base campers for the hit thriller.

Production for the highly anticipated episode of the science fiction and horror series was suspended last year when Netflix postponed all film and TV show productions due to the pandemic.

Family disputes

The production of the long-running TV game show Family Feud is now looking for families on site who can take part in the recordings that will take place in the coming weeks.

Steve Harvey continues to host the popular show that sees two families compete for a big cash prize.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, producers are conducting online auditions for family candidates. No local trials are currently planned.

To pretend, the producers say you must have five family members who are related by blood, marriage, or legal adoption.

Hopefuls who want to apply must be at least 15 years old. Here you can find more information on what producers are looking for and how to audition.

Sweet magnolias S2

If you loved Netflix’s hit “Sweet Magnolias” series, you’ve got a second serving. The cast and crew have resumed filming for the upcoming second season of the show in Georgia. Nikki Price, one of the active users on the A-Scene Facebook group, shared a picture of the base bearing in Covington. The production alias and base warehouse character is “SM 2”.

Deadline reported that actors Jamie Lynn Spears, Dion Johnstone and Brandon Quinn have become series regulars. The show is slated to be started by a big cliffhanger from last season.

the Walking Dead

The crews are working hard on the popular “The Walking Dead” series, which will end next year. The long-running zombie apocalypse television drama ends with an extended two-year eleventh season that will include 24 episodes. There are currently 30 episodes remaining in the flagship series, which will run until the end of 2022.

All of the show’s seasons were filmed across Atlanta, mostly in Senoia, Georgia, which has become the Walking Dead Country for fans and tourists alike.

It has become a true fan experience where fans can even have the same coffee as some of their favorite actors filming around town.

The noisy house: a very loud Christmas

Christmas came especially early in DeKalb when the crews started making a vacation movie in the North DeKalb Mall.

Several users have posted behind-the-scenes photos of crews shooting “The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas” on 11Alive’s Facebook group The A-Scene.

Recently lit green for the sixth time, The Loud House, Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters provide a glimpse into what it takes to survive the chaos of a huge family.

As one of the longest running animated series on Nickelodeon, with 156 episodes, the property has also been translated into: a comic series that continues to publish new stories; Chapter books; a digital album; and a podcast, Listen Out Loud.

The vacation feature is expected to hit screens in November.

A full list of the productions currently being shot in Atlanta can be found here.

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