ATLANTA – We are keeping an eye on the bills that are going through the Georgian legislature and one that the House has just passed caught our attention.

House Bill 146 gives government employees and teachers three weeks of paid parental leave, which equates to approximately 423,000 parents. This is for births, adoptions, or foster care. The legislation contains the language for fathers.

“A bill entitled to enact law amending Article 1 of Chapter 20 of Title 45 of the Annotated Georgia Code, which relates to general human resources provisions to provide paid parental leave for eligible government employees and eligible local authorities to provide educational staff; Provide definitions; provide for eligibility; To provide terms and conditions; to provide for certain prohibitions; Provide rules; to take care of related matters; repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes. “


The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority in House 155-2 on Tuesday.

It now goes to the Georgia Senate.

The bill was sponsored by six members, including Rep. Jan Jones.

As the original co-sponsor, I am proud that # HB146 is passing the house today which provides 3 weeks of paid parental leave on child birth, adoption or foster care for all government employees.

It will now be forwarded to the Senate for review. #gapol

– Jan Jones (@JanJonesGA) February 16, 2021

Another bill sponsor, Houston Gaines, said he was proud of the bipartisan bill and hoped it “will make a big difference for young families in our state.”

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