In Georgia, the FBI’s 2020 hate crime data shows there were 235 classified hate crimes.

ATLANTA – The Federal Bureau of Investigation released its Hate Crime 2020 report on Monday, which shows the hate crime rate is at a 10-year high.

According to the report, there were 7,759 criminal incidents and 10,532 related offenses in the past year that were “motivated by biases related to race, ethnicity, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender and gender identity”. These crimes were reported to 15,136 law enforcement agencies nationwide in 2020.

The FBI said there were 10,528 victims of hate crimes with only one bias, and its report revealed that more than half of those crimes were intimidating. They also found that 27.6% of crimes committed were simple assault and 18.1% were grievous bodily harm.

The report also found that 61.9% of victims were targeted based on race, ethnicity, or bias. The number of crimes against blacks and African Americans rose by more than 800 incidents, and the number of crimes against Americans of Asian descent rose by nearly 90.

In addition, the report found that most hate crimes took place near homes, highways, streets, alleys, streets and sidewalks.

In Georgia, hate crime data for 2020 shows that 90 crimes were committed for intimidation, 56 for simple assault, 38 for destruction, damage and vandalism of property, 25 for aggravated assault and five for theft, for a total of 235 classified hate crimes.

For comparison, here is the data on classified hate crime in the last 10 years:

  • 2019: 172
  • 2018: 43
  • 2017: 230
  • 2016: 46
  • 2015: 49
  • 2014: 50
  • 2013: 72
  • 2012: 21
  • 2011: 21
  • 2010: 19

Georgia’s hate crime data for 2020 shows that 88 of these crimes were committed in the home of a victim, and almost all of them were directed against an individual.

This year, 11Alive has reported a few cases of crime in the Atlanta metropolitan area in which victims felt attacked as Asian Americans.

In May, Johnny Hang’s windows at his Lawrenceville home were broken. A month earlier, an Asian-American family said someone opened fire on their home after moving to Metro Atlanta.

In March, someone sprayed Sonethida Siharath’s car with an Asian racial slur in Suwanee while she and her husband were at a movie theater.

The House of Representatives passed a bill to combat anti-Asian crimes during the COVID-19 pandemic in May. You can read more about the bill here.