Home Family Law “Georgia Gunman has publicized his anti-China hatred for the entire world.”

“Georgia Gunman has publicized his anti-China hatred for the entire world.”


The young American gunman who was indicted on the Georgia spa shoot last week is “a product” of a lengthy and deliberate racist campaign against China that intensified during the tenure of former US President Donald Trump, according to a China resident American expat previously worked with the US government and military.

Robert Aaron Long, 21, is accused of shooting and killing eight people, including six of Asian descent, on March 16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“He (Long) spat out the anti-China propaganda word for word. He repeated the propaganda sentence by sentence. Make no mistake, it is the product of over four years of intense hatred against China as well as the fire pants of disinformation that orchestrates was led by Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, with Senator Tom Cotton arranging the funding to spit hatred around the world, “Robert Vannrox told CGTN Digital in a Zoom interview from his current residence in Zhuhai, southern China’s Guangdong Province .

“And honestly, it really pisses me off,” added Vannrox, the CEO of Smoking Lion, a Zhuhai-based company that manages the supply chain, manufacturing, and research and development for several Western companies.

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While there is overwhelming public demand for hate crime charges against Long, the Georgian authorities have not yet invoked the specific hate crime law passed in several US states just last summer. The charges of “malicious murder” and aggravated assault have stood for a long time now.

“He has publicized his hatred for the whole world and I am amazed that it is not treated as a hate crime,” said a visibly annoyed Vannrox, noting that Long’s tirades in his Internet postings “were almost repetitions of the nonsense that was brought up from the conservative, hard-right media. “

“He referred to China as” Chicoms, “a trademark of Rush Limbaugh. He was referring to” The Chinese people not only hate the Chinese government, “a trademark of Alex Jones. He was referring to” Evil China “, a trademark of “Evil China” Fox News brand, referring to the “China Virus,” a Mike Pompeo brand. “The American expat emphasized how relentlessly toxic anti-China propaganda has poisoned the minds of American youth.

“China is fair and safe”

In contrast, “I’ve never had problems with discrimination or race in China,” said Vannrox, adding, “China was very good to me. China was fair. China, its people are kind and respectful and nice. The Chinese.” Government is efficient, fair and unhelpful. The living environment in China is nice and pleasant. China is safe. “

However, the American expat admitted that even he had his “own prejudices” about China before coming to the Asian country for the first time about 15 years ago, which quickly changed over time.

“I’m a little embarrassed to say that, but I’ve been a very pro-American, starry banner believer. And I still have a fondness for America that won’t go away. But you know, my God, opinions about China have changed changed since I got here, “said Vannrox.

“My illusion of what China was had absolutely no resemblance to what I saw. It bore no resemblance to what I experienced. It had no connection whatsoever with reality. Over time, things are seen as they are “he explained.

“China, USA must work side by side”

Vannrox stressed that both the US and China were important parts of its existence and said he was concerned about the increasing political confrontations between the two countries.

“As you can see, I have strong feelings for both America and China. Both are part of my heart and part of my being. And I find it difficult to say bad things about America or bad things about China because I love them both so much . I have friends in both places. I have family in both places. It’s part of my life, “he noted.

“It just aches and pains me to see some strangers in America fight against people here in China. It’s so annoying,” he complained.

However, Vannrox remains confident that at some point the US and China will find a way to work together, a prospect that will be good for the whole world.

“Call me crazy, but I envision a world where America leads by example and not with threats of military action. Where America leads with constructive help and physical help, not with balls of money or military weapons. And also to be a leader . ” China works side by side with America to improve society as a whole. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Not really. It shouldn’t. “

Interviewer and screenplay: Abhishek G Bhaya

Video editor: Wang Zhe

Cover picture: You Chenxin

Director: Mei Yan