Georgia fathers are getting less custody and parental leave, according to Custody X Change

Recent data from Custody X Change, a parental leave planning tool, ranks Georgia 46th out of 50 in terms of physical custody percentage. The study shows that the average father in the Peach State spends 23.5% of parental leave with his children.

Are mothers still getting more parental leave in Georgia?

In Georgia there is no legal presumption that the mother should have primary custody. Both parents are to be regarded as primary parents, regardless of gender. Georgia courts have slowly moved away from the minimum schedule for fathers every other weekend, giving much more parental leave to the fathers involved.

In Georgia, children can choose which parent to live with once they turn 14, as long as it does not compromise the best interests of the child.

Georgia Family Law Courts will review the child’s decision at age 11, but a judge will make the final decision.

A Pew Research study found that more than 75% of American adults believe men feel more pressure to work than to be active parents, and fewer fathers have confidence in their parenting abilities than mothers.

How an Atlanta Divorce and Custody Attorney Can Help

“Georgia fathers are disproportionately disadvantaged when it comes to custody and parental leave compared to fathers in other states,” said Attorney Regina Edwards, a well-known Atlanta divorce attorney who helps parents resolve custody issues.

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Resources include:

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