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Georgia Democrats table agenda after Supreme Court Roe v. Wade lifted

Georgia Democrats table agenda after Supreme Court Roe v.  Wade lifted

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Members of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus gathered Tuesday morning at the State Capitol Building to celebrate the overthrow of Roe v. Blasting Wade through the Supreme Court and sending a message to pro-choice voters.

With Georgia’s 6-week abortion ban about to go into effect, Democrats are hoping a wave of liberal voters will one day lead to a reversal of Georgia’s law.

“As a mother of two daughters, I am so angry,” said Rep. Shea Roberts, a Democrat from Atlanta.

Standing with her fellow House Democrats, Roberts told reporters about the abortion she had 15 years ago, when doctors said her unborn child’s condition meant stillbirth or a short, painful life.

“I have no doubt that it was the best decision for my body, my family and my unborn child,” she said.

The Democratic faction of the Georgian House of Representatives plans to introduce legislation aimed at helping women in the coming weeks. They will seek to fully expand Medicaid, guarantee 12 weeks of paid family leave, give Georgians legal protections so they have access to a full range of contraceptives and fertility treatments, and outlaw prosecutions of people who travel abroad to have an abortion .

“My granddaughters and all women in Georgia deserve to live in America that guarantees them the right to control their bodies and their privacy,” said Roswell Democratic Rep. Mary Robichaux.

Meanwhile, Suzanne Guy, a Cherokee County pro-life attorney who heads an organization called Life Initiatives and Values, told CBS46 News she was thrilled with the Supreme Court’s decision and said men and women will Regret to be spared abortion.”

“These legislators, so upset by the overthrow of Roe v. Wade are,” she said, “are not listening to the hearts of the majority of Georgians who are excited about this decision and who are honestly willing to go even harder to help women who find themselves in unwanted and unplanned pregnancies to give truly tangible hope and help.”