Georgia County Sheriff’s Assistant buys chocolate cake and makes 8-year-old’s day

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The assistant sheriff from Muscogee County granted a wish for an 8-year-old girl from Salem, Ala., With a special birthday surprise.

Brittany Jordan took her 8-year-old daughter Kylie to Piggly Wiggly to choose her birthday cake. Ms. Jordan saw Sherriff’s deputy, Donavan Elston, and decided to speak to him. Elston asked Kylie what she wanted to be growing up.

“I said I wanted to be an artist and a cop like him,” said Kylie.

Ms. Jordan also said that Elston really took the time to speak to her daughter and that it made her feel good.

“I felt good, especially with all the negativity that is being said about law enforcement. I like to think that there are many positive aspects. When we entered, he smiled at us and I thought let’s talk to him, ”said Ms. Jordan.

While they were talking, Elston asked Kylie how her day was going and she told him it was her eighth birthday. After talking to the surrogate, Kylie and her mother continued their search for a birthday cake. Kylie selected a chocolate birthday cake with chocolate chips and a special candle. Elston saw the two ladies checking out and went a step further by buying the cake and candle.

“I thought, how can I change this little girl’s life? So I bought the cake and the candles for her, ”Elston said.

Ms. Jordan said while walking out for a moment like this, she deserved a picture so they could never forget it. To make Kylie’s birthday even better, Sheriff Greg Countryman invited Kylie to ride with them after he came across the photo.

Kylie is celebrating her birthday this weekend with a party and has invited Elston. He says he can’t wait for the party.

“I’m excited, I’m glad I’m on the VIP list. I don’t know what to wear yet, but I’m very excited,” said Elston.

Kylie says she wants to become a cop so she can help people. She and her mother would like to thank Elston for making her day so special.

“Thank you for helping our world,” said Kylie. Ms. Jordan also says, “Thank you for making my little girl’s birthday great and for making her feel like she takes care of her.”

Elston also has a special message for Kylie:

“Kylie, never give up on your dreams. Keep striving and you will one day be successful. Coming from myself and the family at the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office, I want to say a happy birthday to you, ”said Elston.