• Two Georgia counties have sued Donald Trump to cover the cost of his failed election fraud lawsuits.
  • They say that Trump’s lawsuits were based on “unfounded and frivolous allegations”.
  • The cases are the latest legal troubles for the former president.

Two Georgia counties have filed lawsuits to reclaim former President Donald Trump’s legal fees received as part of a failed campaign to prove widespread election fraud in the November presidential election.

Cobb County and DeKalb Counties filed filings Monday to cover legal fees incurred in failed electoral fraud lawsuits that Trump brought against them in December. Both filings aim to reimburse Trump’s expenses as well as Georgia GOP chairman David Shafer.

Cobb and DeKalb Counties’ election officers were among those named in a failed lawsuit filed in the Fulton County’s Trump election campaign in December that aimed to overturn the result of Georgia’s presidential election, the President Joe Biden won by a relatively small margin. The Trump campaign filed dozens of other lawsuits across the country to dismiss the election result, which had also failed.

Cobb County’s motion said that the county’s electoral officer Janine Eveler and Cobb County’s electoral authority had spent over $ 10,000 defending Trump’s unsubstantiated claims.

The allegations were said to be “procedural, unsupported, or both,” and the fees were “only a fraction” of the fees incurred in fifteen counties that were also on trial.


“Given the number of failed lawsuits by the former president and his campaign [Trump and others] Apparently, they believed they could bring their unfounded and legally flawed claims with impunity, regardless of the cost of taxpayers’ coffers or the ramifications for the democratic foundations of our country, “Cobb County explained.

DeKalb County’s motion states that it has spent more than $ 6,000 to defend itself against “baseless and frivolous allegations” of state law violations, electoral fraud, postal ballot processing, and other unsubstantiated allegations. The lawsuit was also filed against the Georgian state electoral body, Foreign Minister Brad Raffensperger and 13 other election officers in the district, reported the KITV.

Cobb County’s motion states that former President Trump and Shafer “waged this campaign against the Georgian Foreign Secretary and the members of the State Elections Board to overthrow the votes of millions of Georgians.”

The case was dropped in January, the Hill reported, days after Trump was taped and pressured Secretary Raffensperger to “find” additional votes for him.

“We have mysteriously added at least 250 to 300,000 ballots to the list,” said Trump Raffensperger in the leaked phone call.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, one more than us because we won the state and turning the state around is a great testimony to our country,” Trump said.

Raffensperger has reportedly launched an investigation into Trump’s efforts to reverse the election result in Georgia.