Georgia Congresswoman risks her life to save a couple trapped in a burning vehicle

TROUP COUNTY, Georgia (WRBL) — In a stunning heroic act, Troup County, Georgia Deputy Carlla Querry risked her life to save a couple trapped in a burning vehicle. Dashcam footage from June 30 captured the dramatic rescue and showed Deputy Querry’s unwavering determination. WRBL got a chance to speak to the heroine, a grandmother of nine affectionately known as “GiGi”.

On June 30, violent storms devastated Troup County, leaving a trail of destruction that resulted in multiple breakdowns and vehicle accidents. Arriving quickly at the scene of an accident, Deputy Query faced the aftermath of a truck colliding with an RV. She soon found a couple trapped inside the vehicle and obscured by thick smoke and flames.

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In the dashcam footage, Deputy Query’s urgency is palpable as she exclaims, “You’re in the car? who is in the car Two humans. Oh Jesus.” She pleads for divine intervention, saying, “God help me.” Quarry then used her baton to smash the truck’s windows, creating an exit point. As Deputy Querry reflected on the incident, she spoke of her appeal: ” I don’t think the result would have been the same without his help.”

Once the woman was safely outside the vehicle, Deputy Query turned her attention to the trapped man. With unwavering determination, she urged him to climb towards her and fight for his life. When he told her he couldn’t, she firmly told him he could: “That day wasn’t the time for him to give up,” she said.

Assisted by bystanders, Deputy Querry escorted the injured couple to safety. Although they sustained injuries and the husband suffered severe burns, they are still alive and have expressed their deep gratitude for Deputy Querry’s heroic actions.

“Oh my god, these are some of the most precious people and they have a wonderful family,” Deputy Query said of the couple.

Deputy Querry has become a hero in her community and family, especially with her grandchildren, who affectionately call her “GiGi”. Deputy Querry humbly recognized his role as one of many police officers across the country who wear the badge with a desire to serve and protect their community.

“Just very grateful, very grateful and humbled to be the person who made that difference. It’s an incredible feeling,” she said.

The remarkable bravery demonstrated by Deputy Carlla Querry is a testament to the police officers’ selfless dedication. Her story will no doubt be remembered by the people of Troup County and the couple who saved her for years to come.