PLAINFIELD, CT (WFSB) – Controversial Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene was in Connecticut Saturday to build support for East Connecticut Republicans ahead of next month’s elections.

“The Democrats are no longer an American party. They have turned so far to the left, they are a communist party,” Greene said.

Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene spoke out against mask requirements and vaccination requirements.

She also criticized the Democrats for several of their policies in Congress, including a $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package and budget proposals.

Greene, who has been criticized in the past for spreading conspiracy theories, claimed the 2020 presidential election had been rigged.

She also accused the Democrats of trying to undermine the country.

“What we see, they have been planning all along. They have been planning it and are about to turn America into the country it shouldn’t be,” said Greene.

Some Republican lawmakers also urged the crowd to vote in next month’s local elections.

Anne Dauphinais, who stood by her comparison of Governor Ned Lamont with Adolf Hitler, was among them.

“Hitler is mentioned almost daily by my constituents. They compare this compulsory medical treatment to the days of early Hitler, when he started slowly, slowly did what he did, which ended in the deaths of over a million, several million people.” said Dauphinais.

The participants loved Greene.

“Today was very inspiring. It makes me proud to be American,” says Mariann Giuliano from Wethersfield.

However, others were disappointed when local lawmakers called on Greene to build support.

“It’s a gap between people who don’t really mind doing something to help their neighbor and those who don’t want to be told what to do,” added Selina Bell, co-director of CT Citizens for Science , add.

The event on Saturday in Plainfield was organized by the Quinebaug Citizens Alliance.

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