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Georgia Clark – Beauty, Mind, Inspiration – The Madison Record

Georgia Clark – Beauty, Mind, Inspiration – The Madison Record

HUNTSVILLE – If the type of car you drive is any indication of a person’s personality, then Georgia Clark is a young person with an old soul. She also has life experiences that are and can be a great inspiration for girls and young women alike.

Clark drives a powder blue 1978 Thunderbird, which was her first car when she turned 15 and cost $5,500. With just over 79,000 miles currently on the car she named “Tina,” Clark can be seen driving in style in the North Alabama area. “I love older cars,” Clark said.

An anchor and reporter for WAAY-TV, Channel 31, Clark came to the Rocket City after graduating from Troy University, where she spent two years in front of the camera, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in communications and multimedia journalism had acquired a presenter and reporter for Trojan Vision News. She was also a print reporter for the Tropolitan.

“While attending Troy, I had thought about going into politics or law, but something didn’t feel right,” Clark said. “The summer before my senior year, I had no idea or plans of what I wanted to do. I worked at Publix and thought I could get into store management. I took an additional communications course where longtime Montgomery broadcaster Stephanie Hicks took me under her wing and showed me that I could work and be successful in television journalism.”

Eventually she made her way to Huntsville, a city she had never visited, and met both the news director and general manager of Channel 31. “They were so nice and just blew me away,” Clark said. for which she was soon hired Join the “31 family.”

The delivery of your news content runs smoothly. She has a mature voice with full resonance, excellent eye contact with the camera and the attractiveness that reflects her years of participation in beauty pageants, culminating in 2018 when she was crowned Miss Teen International among contestants around the world. She was selected after competing in the interview, fitness wear, fun fashion and evening wear categories of the beauty pageant. At 18, she won the crown.

“Yes, this competition has advanced me in my life and given me an edge as I have trained with a great coach and my skills in these competitions, which I started as a young girl, have carried over to other areas of my life. said Clark, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall. “I had just graduated high school when the Teen Pageant took place. My attitude was to do my best, but I didn’t expect to win. It was a total surprise. It was a shock for me when I won.”

Performing is nothing new for Clark, now 23. She played sports, earned an orange belt in Taekwondo and was part of her Dothan, AL. He was a member of the Rehobeth High School ROTC program, a member of the school’s Majorettes and a member of the SGA. Along the way, she learned to play numerous musical instruments, including the piano and trumpet, not to mention how to sing.

In the upcoming January issue of Madison Living Magazine, Clark will share her lifelong battle with ADHD and a behavioral health phenomenon common among women and high-achieving people called imposter syndrome.

Clark has a message for every young girl and woman struggling with their own identity. “Don’t hold back. I did that. I was scared. Do what you want. Just do it with fear.”

Saying that Clark is an old soul is evident in her love of old cars, following the advice her late grandfather gave her as a young girl, and her belief in the freedom our country enjoys. Her old soul also comes from the fact that she celebrates the same birthday as Hollywood’s Marilyn Monroe.