Police use pepper spray as a crowd surrounds cars in front of the Djokovic law firm

Melbourne police used an irritant spray on supporters of tennis player Novak Djokovic on Jan. 10 after he left detention after a federal court overturned a visa waiver ruling on the crowd when they tried to prevent them from entering Surrounding the car leaving the player’s lawyers offices. It wasn’t clear who was in the vehicle. Novak Djokovic took to Twitter the Monday following the court ruling, saying he was “pleased and grateful” and focused on playing at the Australian Open. Australian Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke said he was “Given the situation, ABC said.” Following today’s ruling by the Federal Court of Justice and the Family Court on procedural grounds, Immigration Secretary Hawke’s discretion is to consider revoking Mr Djokovic’s visa ” , an ABC spokesperson was quoted as saying. Photo credit: Danielle Robertson via Storyful