Fort Benning, Georgia is set to be renamed Fort Moore after a military couple known for their service and leadership


Fort Benning in Georgia recently announced that the Secretary of Defense approved the recommendation to rename the fort after Hal and Julie Moore, recognizing the military couple’s contributions.

During a ceremony at Doughboy Stadium on May 11, Fort Benning will be officially renamed Fort Moore.

Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore fought as infantry in Korea, as cavalry in Vietnam and was a paratrooper while his wife Julie served as a Red Cross volunteer in Army hospitals and dental clinics and assisted other Army women who received word that her husband had been killed there .

The couple married in 1949 and both are buried in Fort Benning Cemetery along with the military personnel killed in the Zone Xray landings in Vietnam and Julie’s parents.

“As a unique ‘command team,’ Hal and Julie Moore embodied an extraordinary combination of courage, fighting spirit and dedication to the well-being of those who serve this nation and their families,” says Fort Moore’s website.

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Hal grew up in Bardstown, Kentucky and entered the United States Military Academy in 1942. Eventually deployed from Fort Benning in 1952 to serve in the Korean War, he “joined the 7th Infantry Division, where he took part in bloody outpost battles, including against Pork, Chop Hill, Alligator Jaws and others,” the website states.

During the Korean War he commanded rifle and heavy mortar companies, served as Regimental S3, Divisional Assistant G3 and received two Bronze Star medals for bravery.

The website states that Hal is best known for his leadership in the first major battle of the Vietnam War in the Ia Drang Valley in 1965.

“It was a fight to the death against over 2,000 enemies hell-bent on crushing the vastly outnumbered 7th Cavalry,” the website reads. “After three days of bloodbath, the enemy left the field, leaving behind more than six hundred of their dead. Hal was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions during the fight. After his promotion to colonel, Hal assumed command of the 3rd Brigade and led it through several campaigns in 1966, during which he further developed the Airmobile concept. His operational success led to several publications dubbing him the “General Patton of Vietnam.”

He also received another Bronze Star medal for bravery after rescuing a wounded soldier from heavy machine and small arms fire, received individual awards of the Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm Tree, and received the Purple Heart.

Julie grew up in a military family whose father fought in World War II. After marrying Hal, they began their own military journey while raising a family.

The website states that Julie is best known for her leadership role in assisting the families of the fallen, particularly the grieving army wives who received news of a fallen combatant after the Battle of Ia Drang Valley.

After seeing how “callous” the telegrams were delivered by taxi, Julie was “appalled by this practice and followed every taxi to offer comfort to widows and attended every local funeral of every soldier lost in combat under the command of her.” man’s part.” Through their efforts, the army changed its policy.”

In 2020, there were moves to rename Confederate bases such as Fort Benning, named after Confederate General Henry L. Benning, and the Naming Commission was tasked with choosing names that reflect heroism, sacrifice, and values ​​of the men and women of the Represent and appreciate the army

The Moore family was contacted to rename the fort after Hal Moore.

“While honored, we refused unless Fort Benning was named after both Hal and Julie Moore,” the website reads. “You see, they were an inseparable commando team. Without each other they would not have achieved what they have achieved. Therefore, naming Benning only after Hal would disregard the equally significant contributions and sacrifices of Julie.”

The initiative to honor Hal and Julie was spearheaded by their three sons, Dave, Greg and Steve Moore.

The Secretary of Defense agreed to the recommendation that Fort Benning be renamed Fort Moore in honor of Hal and Julie Moore to emphasize the critical role played by the military family as a whole.

The name change was initiated by the National Defense Authorization Act 2021.

“There is no better way to inspire the men and women who will train to defend our nation, and especially to pay tribute to the widows of our nation’s fallen, than to name our installation after a couple who represent America’s highest standards of courage “Character and compassion – Hal and Julia Moore,” Fort Benning’s commanding general, Maj. Gen. Curtis Buzzard, said in a press release.

Plans are also in the works to make adjustments to multiple properties, buildings and roads as part of a multi-step process to implement all approved Naming Commission recommendations approved by the NDAA and directed by the Department of Defense. it says in the press release.

These changes will be complete by January 2024.