A federal judge has blocked an attempt to remove parts of Georgia’s new restrictive electoral laws, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Judge JP Boulee wrote in a statement Wednesday that in light of the runoff elections for the state House of Representatives, he “does not want to change the law in the ninth inning” but did not close the door to future legal challenges. “The election administrators have prepared for the implementation of the attacked rules, have implemented them at least partially and should now deal with another set of rules in the middle of the election,” he wrote. “The risk of disrupting the administration of an ongoing election … currently outweighs the alleged harm to plaintiffs.”

The lawsuit, filed by the Coalition for Good Governance electoral security group, asked the courts to invalidate sections that require voters to request postal votes 11 days before the election and allow election observers to do so freely. While an immediate injunction has been denied, the lawsuit itself is still pending.

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