Ex-wife says Georgia prosecutor filed for divorce the day after Fani Willis hired him as affair rumors began circulating

Nathan Wade's ex-wife claims he was hired just a day after he was hired by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis – his alleged mistress – as the lead prosecutor in the Georgia voter fraud case against former President Donald Trump Divorce filed, according to court documents filed on Friday.

Wade then immediately requested that the court seal the separation records, Joycelyn Wade claimed in a 19-page filing in Cobb County Superior Court.

“Plaintiff [Nathan Wade] was appointed Special Prosecutor by Ms. Willis on November 1, 2021. The plaintiff filed for divorce on November 2, 2021. defendant [Joycelyn Wade] was served by the process server on November 3, 2021,” reads the document filed by attorney Andrea Dyer Hastings.

“Before defendant even filed her answer and counterclaim, plaintiff filed a motion asking the court to seal the record of this divorce action,” the filing continues.

Wade, who was seen in court today, reportedly filed for divorce a day after he was hired by the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, court records show. via REUTERS

Wade then immediately requested that the court seal the separation records, Joycelyn Wade claimed in a 19-page filing in Cobb County Superior Court. Getty Images

Nathan Wade and Willis have been accused by Trump's co-defendant Michael Roman of having an “inappropriate” and “secret” relationship, which Roman sees as reason for the criminal charges against him to be dismissed.

Roman's explosive filing accused Nathan Wade – a private attorney at Wade & Campbell in Atlanta – of using some of the nearly $654,000 in legal fees he collected from the Fulton County District Attorney's Office for his work on the Trump case. Taking Willis on lavish trips.

Willis is also accused of hiring Wade to help prosecute the Trump case despite not having the appropriate qualifications or experience handling criminal cases.

Wade and Willis were accused by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman of having an “inappropriate” and “secret” relationship. Getty Images

Joycelyn Wade claimed Friday that her now-former husband never told her he was working for Willis on the Trump case or how much money he made from the appointment, and left her “little means of financial support” while traveling with Willis to ” California, Florida and the Caribbean”.

The file contains bank records detailing Nathan Wade's travel expenses, including spending over $800 at the Doubletree Napa Valley American Canyon Hotel in May last year and $3,172.20 at Norwegian Cruise Line the previous November – as well $370.88 at the Hyatt Regency Aruba in the area same time.

Joycelyn's filing comes a day after Willis' attorneys filed a motion to expel the Atlanta district attorney from the Jan. 23 deposition session in the Wade divorce case.

Willis claims that Wade's marriage was over before she even met Nathan. via REUTERS

Willis' legal team argued that the subpoena should be dismissed because she was unable to provide relevant testimony, claiming that the Wades' marriage had already ended in 2017 – before Willis met Nathan – when Joycelyn allegedly met him cheated.

Hastings countered that Willis' claim of a full-blown affair with Joycelyn was “false” and argued that her client felt “a deep sense of disconnection in her marriage” after Nathan Wade was previously unfaithful to her.

Joycelyn Wade “unfortunately reconnected with an old friend through social media, and the only extent of her contact was text messages,” wrote Hastings, who argued that her client never met the former flame in person and the couple “successfully addressed this issue.” clarified”. This is evidenced by the fact that this only happened four (4) years later [Nathan] filed for divorce.”

Joycelyn claims she was left with “little financial resources” after Nathan divorced her and allegedly lavishly paid for trips with Willis. @purevinesfreshwines

Hastings added of the prosecutor's allegations: “[raise] the question of whether Ms. Wills has equally intimate knowledge of marital disputes involving any of her other special prosecutors.”

“Your public question about 'why one' seems to be met with an answer that suggests: 'Because you, Ms. Wills, are having an affair with him and not with them.'”

Meanwhile, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners announced Friday that it is investigating whether Willis misused county funds and accepted “valuable gifts and personal benefits” from Nathan Wade, giving the Atlanta district attorney until Feb. 2 to admit answer.