The European Union delegation warmly congratulates the Georgian people on the 100th anniversary of their first constitution.

The statement released today by the EU delegation says that the 1921 Constitution “was a remarkable achievement and enshrined a proud legal tradition in support of a progressive and modern Georgian state” that demonstrated “the high democratic aspirations of the Georgian people”.

Georgia’s first constitution firmly incorporated this country into the entire family of European values ​​and valued the principles of democratic governance, respect for human rights, upholding the rule of law and defending fundamental freedoms, including freedom of assembly and expression, and the print media, ”it says .

The head of the EU delegation in Georgia, Carl Hartzell, tweeted:

The delegation of the European Union makes the following statement in coordination with the heads of mission of the EU on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first constitution of Georgia.
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– Carl Hartzell (@CarlHartzellEU) February 21, 2021

The statement said that this Constitution “was ahead of its time” in many ways and “introduced universal suffrage for a proportional electoral system that men and women can enjoy”.

Georgia’s ambition to build a thriving, inclusive, pluralistic democracy is enshrined in this historic constitution. On the occasion of this solemn day together, we remember our deep partnership and reaffirm the European Union’s commitment to support Georgia on its way to a strong democracy, ”he concluded.

The US embassy has also stated that Georgia’s first constitution was “an important step in a centuries-long commitment to joining the community of Western democracies”.

It is more important than ever that the people of Georgia agree on the core values ​​set out in your first constitution.

– US Embassy Tbilisi (@usingeo) February 21, 2021

The US embassy called the first Georgian constitution “one of the most progressive in the world at the time it was drafted” and said its values ​​were “as important in 2021 as in 1921”.

Citizens, elected officials and party leaders from all sides must take steps to de-escalate the current political crisis, work peacefully in democratic institutions and keep Georgia on its way to further Euro-Atlantic integration, ”he said.

The embassy also said that “just like in 1921, those who want Georgia to fail in these efforts see the success of Georgian democracy as a threat”.

The embassy stated that “the work of democracy is difficult and will never be completed,” said the embassy, ​​”that the United States” will continue to stand by and support the people of Georgia in this important work as we move forward together ” .

Georgian Parliament spokesman Archil Talakvadze has since tweeted:

On this 100th anniversary of the first constitution, adopted by the Constituent Assembly of Georgia in 1921, we honor and celebrate its progressive legacy. I believe the current constitution of ???????? will connect the past with the future of our country again! # Constitution100

– Archil Talakvadze (@A_Talakvadze) February 21, 2021

A century ago, on February 21, 1921, the Constituent Assembly of Georgia adopted a landmark historical document that formed the basis of the country’s contemporary constitution.

The historic event in the Georgian capital Tbilisi took place three years after the country gained independence from Russia in 1918 and just four days before it was reoccupied by the Soviet armed forces.

Despite its short lifespan, the 1921 Constitution is considered the cornerstone of Georgia’s independent statehood, which serves as the basis for today’s constitution.