Emmerdale return for Jai’s mother Georgia confirmed with role recast with EastEnders star’s addition

Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma experienced a life-changing bombshell this week which will now lead to the return of a previous character on the ITV soap opera

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Emmerdale will see the return of Jai Sharma’s mother, Georgia Sharma, in upcoming scenes, with the role being recast following a DNA bomb.

In recent episodes, Jai found out that Rishi Sharma wasn’t his biological father, which turned his world upside down.

The character is now desperate to know the truth about his parentage, as he believes his entire life has been a lie.

It has emerged that this will pave the way for the return of Jai’s mother, Georgia, who left the village in 2015 after splitting from husband Rishi.

However, the role has been recast, with EastEnders actress Lin Blakley taking over from previous star Trudie Goodwin.

In the final episode, the former character got in touch with her son when he called her for answers about his real father’s identity and why she lied.

Jai told his partner Laurel Thomas that his mother stuttered on the phone and obviously wasn’t telling him the whole truth.

Emmerdale viewers are calling for the return of a former character, Jai’s mother, Georgia(itv)

EastEnders actress Lin Blakley takes on the role