Election workers in Georgia are suing Giuliani again

Two former Georgia election officials who successfully sued Rudolph W. Giuliani for spreading baseless lies about them after the 2020 presidential election sued him again on Monday, seeking to stop him from continuing to repeat those falsehoods.

Lawyers for campaign workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss also asked the federal district court in Washington on Monday to force Mr. Giuliani to immediately pay the $148 million in damages he owes the women because of his financial problems. It usually takes 30 days before the defendant can be forced to pay.

On Friday, a jury awarded Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss damages for destroying their reputations and inflicting significant emotional distress.

During the week-long trial to determine the amount of compensation and in the days that followed, Mr. Giuliani reiterated in interviews and to reporters outside the courthouse his debunked claims that the women had sought to use their discretion to deprive President Donald J. Trump of victory in the Fulton votes County, Georgia on November 3, 2020.

In the new lawsuit, Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss are asking the court to force Mr. Giuliani to stop making the baseless allegations.

The two lawsuits on Monday signal that the women will continue to aggressively pursue Mr. Giuliani after the jury's verdict on Friday.

Mr. Giuliani's false allegations against Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss began while he was serving as Mr. Trump's personal lawyer. At the time, he helped lead Mr. Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

“Defendant Giuliani has proven to be an extraordinarily recalcitrant litigant and has demonstrated an unwillingness to comply with legal procedures, including orders to pay attorneys’ fees and costs,” said Monday’s court filing in the first lawsuit Women against Mr. Giuliani.

“There are particularly good reasons to believe that defendant Giuliani intends to avoid paying the judgment by any means at his disposal,” the filing states.

Mr. Giuliani has refused to provide the court with information about his assets that could prove his net worth. Lawyers for Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss said there was a “significant risk” that Mr. Giuliani would liquidate his assets before the women saw the damage.

After Friday's verdict, a lawyer familiar with his legal situation said Mr. Giuliani would likely file for bankruptcy.

Mr. Giuliani is being sued by a former lawyer over unpaid bills and faces another defamation lawsuit stemming from his work to keep Mr. Trump in power. He also faces criminal charges in Georgia in connection with these efforts.

E. Jean Carroll, a former advice columnist and fixture in Manhattan media circles, won a defamation lawsuit against Mr. Trump this year. But like Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Trump continued to defame her, so she sued him again.

The payment of compensation can take years.

Alan Feuer contributed reporting.